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FIC: To Make Oneself Happy (Even for a Day)
Weyoun Star Trek Deep Space Nine Vorta

Fandom: Star Trek DS9
Rating: M for sexual content and language
Characters: Weyoun/Damar
Genre: Hurt/Comfort/Romance
Summary: Damar helps Weyoun realize that making himself happy should be a priority of the highest degree, in his own special drunk way. 

What mattered was always his service. Always his service. That was what always came first, before everything else. Weyoun had never really thought much about what HE wanted. He always figured he wanted to serve the founders, bringing him back to the conclusion of  his service coming before all else. 

But now he wasn't so sure...

What had prompted this? This sudden, inward reflection? And in the middle of a war no less! 

He was fairly certain that it was Damar. Damar could he say it? Damar didn't give a fuck. About much of anything. And Weyoun found that aspect about him strangely alluring. 

Such feelings were frowned upon by the Founders, things like 'love'. They were a distraction form one's service to the Founders. But without realizing it Weyoun had started to become fond of Damar in a way he was certain the Founders would dissapprove. 

He felt like a schoolgirl, sneaking glances at him when he was sure the Cardassian was busy looking at a PADD or examining the contents of his kanar bottle. 

He found himself flirting the with elder man in his own Vorta way. Brushing past him in the halls and shooting him half lidded glances when he was sure Damar could only see them for a split second before he would maintain his professional diplomatic manor. 

Besides, as soon as the clock struck noon, Damar would double his kanar intake and things would become alot more interesting. 

Weyoun loved messing with Damar. The Cardassian would get so frustrated with him, never understanding what his cute little glances and perky steps were. And before long, their relationship had begun to blossom into a game of cat and mouse. 

Damar snapping at him everyonce in a while, and Weyoun constantly barating him with veiled compliments and snarky teasing insults. 

It became a tango of sorts. The Cardassian and the Vorta, never quite able to lay it all on the table, prefering instead to jump here or there and say only the vaguest things. 


"God I hate you." Damar snapped angrily, throwing an empty kanar bottle accross the room, it shattering into pieces on the ground only a few feet from where Weyoun stood completely unphased, smiling impishly. 

"The feeling is completely mutual." Weyoun said with a loving smile. He sauntered his way across the room to Damar, standing about three feet in front of him. 

Damar glared at him harshly, breathing low and controlled. His hands were balled into fists, as his teeth were clenched keeping him from spouting the fowlest of things. 

"What is it you want from me?!" he yelled finally moving to grab Weyoun by the shirt collar holding him a few inches above the ground. The Vorta's small form was light in his hand, weighing so little that Damar wondered if there was anything to these creatures at all. 

Weyoun smirked at him, before raising a hand and stroking Damar's left neck ridge once before doing the same to his cheek. 

"I just want you." He said in a matter that was insultingly simple. Damar scowled, before anger set in. 

Before he knew what he was doing he pinned the Vorta against his desk flush against him and slamming his lips onto Weyoun's own. The smaller creature gasped before relaxing into the harsh contact, pressing back shyly as Damar overpowered him. 

Weyoun could taste the kanar that stained the other's breath as his eyes slipped closed and began to kiss a bit more vigorously. Damar had managed to force Weyoun's mouth open, invading him with an intrusive tongue that eagerly explored the Vorta's. Weyoun moaned weakly, pressing against Damar more. 

Damar paused, his eyes clearing slightly from the anger/alcohol enduced haze that they were almost constantly under. He grinned devilishly against Weyoun's lips pushing against the smaller male experimentally. Weyoun would gasp lightly and respond by kissing Damar a bit more daringly. 

The need for air overtook the small Vorta, and he pulled away from the Cardassian's lips breathing hard. His pale face was lit with a pearly green glow of a blush that snuck from his ears accross his cheeks. His amythest eyes half lidded in a way that gave Damar a small sense of satisfaction. 

"You're so drunk aren't you?" Weyoun breathed out with a bitter laugh. "You're not going to remember any of this in a few hours." 

Damar smiled coyly, pressing his hips against Weyoun's own in a suggestive way.  "Maybe...or maybe not." 

The Cardassian moved to Weyoun's delicate long ears, his left one to be specific. "Perhaps I've been considering having you for a long time." he whispered huskily. The Dominion diplomat gasped blushing a brighter green. Damar gently drew his tongue up and down the sensitive lobe, nipping at the edges suggestively. 

Weyoun moaned lightly, the sound driving the Cardassian mad as he ground his hips against the Vorta's own. The other's small pants and shivers sending waves of pleasure up Damar's spine. He pulled away with a smirk, enjoying the wanton look on the Vorta's face. 

"You're making me so horny right now. " Damar growled pressing his forehead against Weyoun's own. "Do you realize how alluring those sounds you're making are?" 

Weyoun blushed deeper, nuzzling his forehead against Damar's own, before moving and nuzzling into his neck. "You hate me remember?" he teased as he wrapped his arms around Damar's neck. 

"That's true, but I can have an awful lot of fun with someone I hate." the other smirked. "And I hate you more than anyone. " 

Weyoun smiled and bit down hard on his neck ridge. He heard the Cardie hiss before letting out a mild groan. "Good." he whispered into Damar's ear before grinding his hips against the other's. 

"You sneaky little shit!" Damar cursed before pulling the smaller back into a firey kiss. Weyoun giggled against his lips bending back so that they were almost lying on the desk. Damar smirked along with him, pushing aside his work and accidentally knocking over a full bottle of kanar. 

"Crap." he muttered. "You're going to pay for that." he added smirking. 
Weyoun smiled, feeling emotions welling up in him that he didn't understand, but at that moment didn't care. He didn't care that what he was doing was wrong. That it was against the Founder's wishes, what they didn't know wouldn't hurt them! He 

He was making himself happy...he paused, thinking. Damar had occupied his time toying with Weyoun's right ear, but stopped noticing the somewhat worried? No, this wasn't worry, confusion more suited the expression. 

He nuzzled his forehead against Weyoun's own, his eyes half lidded as his hands gently stroked the other's hair. "What's the matter?" he asked. 

For a moment Weyoun could've sworn that Damar seemed sober. 

"I feel...strange." he said hesitently. 
Damar grinned. "That's because you're a virgin. We can fix that." 
Weyoun blushed harder -if that was possible- and cuddled up against Damar's embrace. 
"It's not that. It's something else...I feel..." Weyoun smiled lightly. "I feel happy."

Damar smiled back at him, "You aren't going to tell me that the Vorta aren't allowed to feel emotions now, are you? I know that's a blatent lie." 
"We can feel...Its just acting on those feelings, especially if you're a clone, and even more so if your feelings are for another man, let alone a man of another species." 
Damar grinned like a dog, his arm drawing light circles on Weyoun's thin stomach. "So you admit to having feelings for me? That's not very diplomatic of you..." he teased. 

Weyoun looked away embarassed. "'s true. So what are we going to do about it?" 
Damar smirked again. "This." His arm slid behind Weyoun's waist and gave his ass a gentle squeeze. The Vorta gasped, arching to him. "I see...that's one way." 

Damar licked Weyoun's ear a few times, enjoying the light moans that it elicted from the other. "Hmm...Weak eyes, good ears, and a damn sexy voice." he teased. 

Weyoun grinned kissing Damar's forehead, licking the small spoon shaped structure cutely. Damar smiled at Weyoun, nuzzling his ridges against the soft skin of the Vorta's neck. "You're an enticing creature, do you know that? I've been holding back for months." Damar admitted. 

"And here I thought you were too drunk to notice." 
"Who says I'm not?" Damar challenged again, before kissing the Vorta's neck, nipping and sucking lightly elicting more delicate moans from the smaller's voice. 

"Now then," he began kissing Weyoun on the lips this time, "Let's just focus on your happiness for the next few hours. Computer, lock doors." 

Weyoun smiled and kissed Damar back, licking the other's lips. "I hate you so much." 
"The feeling is mutual." he replied, pushing Weyoun back down onto the desk. 


Hope you all liked it. 

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this was good. nice characterisation on weyouns part.

Thank you! :D

Hi ! I think Weyoun/Damar is a rather unusal pairing, but I had fun reading the story ... and nice to find an other fan of that character.

I'm glad you enjoyed it! :D

I wrote some fics by myself, if you like to have a look, they are in my journal.

Cool. I'll be sure to check it out. :)

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